Who says exercising is not rewarding?

Living a healthy life is hard enough. We reward you for every step you take. Join Blockchain-based members-only Health and Wellness Programme

LivWell was founded in 2020 with an aim that users will overcome the tendency to choose immediate gratification - like pizza or binge-watching videos - over activities like daily exercise that offer long-term benefits

We reward every step you take with LivWellpoints. Not yet very active? don't worry, we guide in your first steps too with our exclusive fitness partner California Fitness and Yoga Centers and special fitness events

What is

What is LW?

LivWell is a Wellness Ecosystem & Fitness Rewards platform which allows users to adapt healthy habits and earn rewards in form of LivWell coins.

LW Ecosystem

LivWell Ecosystem provides unlimited access to wellness benefits across network of partners in order to BURN LivWell coins across Health, Wealth, Nutrition, Beauty, Travel, Experience and Learning.


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Our vision

LivWell wants to encourage a better lifestyle, to create a community of health-conscious members, and to reduce healthcare costs in a country.

Our Mission

One of the biggest problems with exercising is the trouble of getting motivated. It is nice to get fit and stay in shape, but exercising might be boring as people don't see enough results or just can't stand the thought of doing it any longer.
By giving users in-app coins that can be used later at various retailers in LivWell’s ecosystem, LivWell hopes to motivate couch potatoes to become more active.

Our partnership


Our partnership cfyc

LivWell is an exclusive partner with California Fitness and Yoga Centers (CFYC) in Vietnam, one of the largest fitness chains in the country.

Partners will have a chance to obtain their users data and use it to personalize services and offers. LivWell team takes user privacy very seriously, therefore no personal information is shared with any partners.

the driving force in asia's new healthy lifestyle economy

With one of the youngest, most well-educated and fastest developing economies in the world, Vietnam has been transformed over the last decade from a culture that did not see exercise and nutrition as a critical aspect of life, to now leading the world in healthy lifestyle values and fitness related activities.

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