What is

What is LW?

LivWell is a Wellness Ecosystem & Fitness Rewards platform which allows users to adapt healthy habits and earn rewards in form of LivWell coins.

LW Ecosystem

LivWell Ecosystem provides unlimited access to wellness benefits across network of partners in order to BURN LivWell coins across Health, Wealth, Nutrition, Beauty, Travel, Experience and Learning.


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Get LivWell


Steps to join

Download app
and link your phone
or smart wearable

Track your steps
and take on challenges

exciting rewards

Use QR Code at over
60+ Partner Merchants

2.1 Bio

Total Steps

1.4 Mio

Total Kilometers


Vouchers Purchased


Class Bookings

100 Mio

LWC Rewarded

How can user earn

livwell Cins ?


By tracking and verifying users’ steps through their fitness tracking devices, with a proprietary algorithm structured with help of Sports experts, the app will calculate users’ LivWell coins according to steps you take every day.


Additionally, LivWell also offers attractive rewards for completing weekly tasks and challenges. Challenges assigned by our experts and partners are designed to be fun and effective -- such as following a workout video tutorial, booking and attending a CFYC class, or jogging 5km three days in a row

How valuable is lwc?

For every 1000 steps you will earn 10 LivWell coin; and 10,000 LivWell coins are worth nearly~ VND 4.5 Mio worth in rewards.

Users can earn a maximum of 150 LivWell Coins each day with activities and a maximum of 40,000 coins per year. We have different challenges and badges to earn more points per day. Users can redeem rewards every day and the same reward every thirty days

1000 Steps = 10 LWC

10,000 LWC = ~4.5K VND

Max 150 LWC / Per Day

Max 40,000 LWC / Per Year

How do we
monetize health?

How to reward people for adopting healthy lifestyle?

How to build health ecosystem for B2B2C?

How to focus on health and wellness of corporates?

How do we make healthy habits payback in real world?

How to insure customer on real time health?







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