LivWell started in 2020 with a focus on Wellness with purpose: making Health and Protection fit for the next generation. Insurance. Right, it's a vibe - rewarding your hustle, flexing your fitness, and repping that LivWell lifestyle and protection.
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Life's complex, enough your insurance and wellness shouldn't be.

Easy to understand, we gave up on the jargons.

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Slaying awards and recognition in the region.

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Meet the Crew, Get to Know Our Vision, Our Daily Vibes, and What Our Squad Says About Us!#TeamTalk #CustomerLove

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Elevate employee wellness to boost productivity, sounds simple with LivWell.

Dane Fort, CEO - FLG Vietnam

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Here’s why. We have some friends vouching for us!

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From old-school insurance to revolutionizing the game. We're rewriting the story, making insurance as epic as your favorite meme. Get to know us
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Wilf Blackburn


Nikhil Verma

CEO & Co-Founder

Vikas Dhar

CTO & Co-Founder

Gordon Watson

Board Advisor

Richard Bates

Board Advisor

Kalai N

Board Advisor

Dane Fort

Board Advisor

John Spence

Board Advisor

Ravi Duvvuru

Board Advisor

Bala Ambat


Trang Nguyen

Head of Insurance

Hong Nguyen

Chief Commercial

Huyen Hoang

Head of Marketing

Cindy Nguyen

Partnership and Admin

Surendra Karna

Lead Mobile Developer

Aahna Garg

Product Designer

Rammohan Bandaru

Full-stack Developer

Sudheer Naidu

Mobile Engineer

Mindful Webinars, Not Monologues

Ditch the monotonous webinars; ours are like a virtual retreat for your mind. Expert talks on wellness, mindfulness sessions, and interactive discussions. Your screen time just got a whole lot zen.
Time: 09:30 pm IST
Date: 26th Nov 2023
Platform: Zoom
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